EQUITABLE COMPROMISE By Muhammad Hamza (Assadullah)

Indeed it is an accusatorial, the system we operate.
We need not jury to contemplate, wherein the facts originate.
Our kings do not inquire nor prosecute, beyond that the parties formulate.

On the examination the fate of parties reside.
In precise, it has to be the territory of trouble, or where the parties reside,
The authority will be denied, if the territory was never incline.
The king will decline from hearing and resign.
Like a movie it is design

Two section of Knights stand before the Lord(s), but to fight in feud(s) names,
Without a stain on the stream that were placed where
The Lord(s) dear look not into the eyes nor pocket of the Knights,
And the a Knight dear not ridicule the Lord nor the system.
Such were what should be ascertained in the system we proclaim.
Ambiguity, threat nor coin(s) should not be what we ordain.
Only if mother justice would open the eye and exclaim.

She would have said:
Oh!!! No!!! Sons!!!
Do not blend my sanctity in shame.
Do not let my sword cut off the trust that was instilled,
Nor fill my scale with worthless weight of claims.
Drive off not the temple into a stream of pain,
Stream of blood, darkness, fear and hate.

She would have said:
Stripe of those Knights that stand in sway,
Married by ambitious desire to buy the way,
Watch me cripple, crumbling, while they walk away,
To end in lavish, goods of wealth obtained in dark way.
Pain in me, for I have lost my good names; fairness, equity in what way?
For my children’s children have sent me in affray.

But, nay!!!
Our Lord(s) and Knight(s) had drove a long way.
They frown to earth and dine in out space.
Making mockery in mother’s name,
Fly with enemies in mother’s name,
And make compromise in the wrong way
How then do we pray?

Muhammad Hamza (Assadullah)
200Level, Faculty of Law
Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.
[email protected]

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