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Today, the foremost pacesetting legal platform where writing skills of budding lawyers are polished is launched to the Law Students’ space nationally and internationally. On that note, we found it expedient to introduce in parts, a cross section of our partners across various universities. MEET THE LEGAL PACESETTERS ( PART 1) OWOLABI YUSUF OLATUNJI *MEET […]

law Students’ Society* *Lagos State University Chapter* THE JURISTS CALL FOR PAPERS πŸ“‘βš–

Lasulaws Law Review welcomes contributions on important issues, problems and procedures in the vast and complicated terrain of business (i.e. corporate and commercial) and property law for the 2020 edition of her annual journal called The Jurists πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€βš– Preference will be given to informed articles which deal succinctly with issues that are important and clearly […]

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